NEW SERVICE! Remote Care with Artemis Care!

Introducing a New Service: Artemis Care for Remote Support

Lancaster, PA, 2022 – OneWell is excited to announce its new partnership with New Jersey-based remote care technology company Artemis Care Inc.

By integrating Artemis Care’s eCare4You platform with its Assistive Technology (AT) service, OneWell will increase the independence and safety of qualified participants at home. OneWell’s AT service will provide participants with daily check-ins and timely reminders for activities of daily living, medications, and social and medical appointments in the participant’s preferred language. Participants with chronic conditions will be able to monitor their vitals daily with simple-to-use devices and answer personalized health surveys via easy-to-use channels such as Alexa or smartphones.

The responses will be monitored by OneWell’s trained support staff who can alert their care providers promptly, enabling the participants to get timely care at home. The participants will also be able to access other OneWell services including arranging rides on Uber and setting up times for home support, making this a total care solution for their overall care needs. The safety and well-being of all participants along with promoting independence and embodying principles of everyday life is the driving force of this service.

“We made a promise to help build the integrated healthcare system efficiently at a lower cost. This delivers higher quality care to our patients with a lower risk of burnout,”

Aytekin Oldaç, President & CEO of OneWell

“We are very excited to be able to partner with Artemis Care and provide assistive technology to our participants. This allows them to feel more independent, within their own home and lends itself to an increase of self-confidence that is priceless, it is amazing to be on the cutting edge of technology, that is solely for the benefit and growth of individuals with developmental disabilities that allow them to lead a life that truly embodies everyday life principles.”  

Cynthia Seemiller, Senior Director of the Intellectual Development Disabilities Department

The devices being used will help integrate a more verbal exchange via technologies like Alexa to ensure safety and a more regimented daily routine for the eligible participant without requiring substantial training or technical expertise. Data is collected via approved medical equipment to produce helpful readings through a portal that is easily accessible. The family/caregivers along with support center staff and medical professionals can access the portal to better assist the participant. All information is securely managed in accordance with HIPAA and other relevant requirements.

“We are committed to the community and improving individuals’ independence by utilizing a support service model and assistive technologies that will give them the freedom to manage their own services at home or in the community”

Jeaneysa Acevedo-Pumarejo, Director of Operations

“Artemis Care will be revolutionary in providing care for our participants and allowing them to reach their independent goals. It will allow Participants who live alone the peace of mind and safety to make sure all of their needs are met by offering reminders about medications, dietary restrictions, cleaning, appointments, and hygiene”

Brandon Cherry, IDD Program Manager

“This opportunity to partner with OneWell and integrate our technology with OneWell’s superlative services brings the best of all worlds to the participants, allowing them to be more independent, cared for, and safer at home. The ability to personalize and customize the solution to the individual care needs means that the participants will get the right care they need and when they need it,”

Arun Bantval, Founder and President of Artemis Care Inc

About Artemis Care inc.

Artemis Care Inc. is a New Jersey-based technology company that is committed to radically reworking the concept of remote care for seniors and the chronically ill, including individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We believe that care is more than providing clinical support. Our notion of care includes clinical, social, and emotional considerations of care delivered through our user-friendly Artemis Care’s eCare4You platform. Connected care enables better health outcomes and well-being. Our easy-to-use technology connects users with clinicians, caregivers, social agencies, and family members via the intuitive, easy-to-use channel.

Artemis Care’s eCare4You solutions are designed to provide the right care through consistent monitoring, with timely intervention by the care providers and support by the family members guiding the way to healthy independence.


Callie Dresser

Social Media Coordinator

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