Sensory Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas

With the Holiday season approaching and lots of gifts being purchased, it can be a lot of pressure to find the perfect present. For the loved ones with special needs it can be especially difficult when trying to find what they would want. We wanted to help with some ideas that could be perfect gift ideas for your loved ones from sensory gifts to activities they may enjoy.

Sensory Friendly Holiday Gifts

Rolyan Putty

This putty is better than brands such as silly putty that can get messy. Rather than making a mess with that, Rolyan putty is latex-free, non-toxic, and won't stain or stick to the skin. The putty also has resistance options from 2 oz. to 5 lbs. for individuals who can benefit from hand or wrist strengthening.


Kinetic Sand

Sensory Pressure Vest

This weighted vest can help calm someone with IDD by adding pressure to the chest area and can be worn anywhere with ease to help ease anxiety and stress when overstimulated.

Lava Lamp

Lava lamps or liquid motion bubblers are a great noiseless option to be able to watch them move and keep distracted.

Liquid Motion Bubbler


Fidget Magnets

Fidget products are great to help with anxiety and sensory overload. We love this pen that can be used in so many ways and it can be taken anywhere with ease!

Exercise Ball

Sensory Ball

This is a great option if your loved one needs improvement on hand eye coordination.

Art Supplies/ Assistive Art Supplies

Art supplies are a great option for those who have lots of creativity that they want to express. However, some people with IDD might not have the best motor skills and that can make holding things like a paintbrush more difficult. Thats why this adaptive art tool can help. The T-brush specifically is cuffed over the hand to help steady themselves while making art.

Weighted Blanket or Stuffed Animal

Do you or your loved one love the feeling of hugging or cuddling another person or pet because of the comforting weight and pressure. Then a weighted blanket could be the perfect gift! They are a great purchase that provide comfort and relaxation.

Snug Hug

If they do not like weighted vests or blankets this snug hug might be a great alternative for them. This wrap will keep pressure around the body but in a light fleece blanket. This is great for those who love hugs, but maybe don't like to be hugged by others very much. This blanket can help reduce stress and anxiety and reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed

Electronic Gifts

Noise Cancelling Headphones (wireless)

These are perfect for times when there is a lot of outside stimulation like a holiday event/party. The headphones will block out the overstimulating noises that can be upsetting or stressful to some. We recommend wireless ones so that there is no struggle with detangling a wire and has quicker access to be used.


Tablets can range in price, however no matter which tablet is purchased they can be very useful to someone who struggles with overstimulation. Tablets can be used to give a person their own solo time when needing a break from being in large crowds or loud events


White Noise Machine

White noise is a great gift to give someone who can get overwhelmed by certain noises or outside sounds. This can help block the noises out and ease anxiety and stress.

Activity Gifts



Legos are always a safe option to choose as a gift. It is even better if you know what they are interested like Marvel movies or space. They have legos for all types of interests!

Brain Teaser Puzzles

Sequence Sets


A mini trampoline is perfect for someone who has lots of energy that they need to get out during the day. This is great on days when they can't get outside much or need to burn off that extra energy while getting exercise at the same time.

Indoor Swing

Coloring Book

Coloring books are always a great choice as a gift. There are so many options to choose from that you can pick the perfect type of book for what your loved one enjoys.

Crash Pad

This crash pad is perfect for someone who likes to jump on things such as a bed. It is tear resistant, has a washable cover, and perfect for those who like to jump around and stay safe.


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