Governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf, Recognizes Disability Employment Awareness Month

Having been sworn in as the 47th Governor of Pennsylvania in 2015, Tom Wolf, has recently stated that in an effort to raise awareness of the employment opportunities for people with disabilities, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is promoting Disability Employment Awareness Month. This month is an opportunity for Pennsylvanians to support the hiring and retention of employees with disabilities through events that connect employers, people with disabilities, advocates, service providers and government officials.

The Wolf Administration strongly believes in the power of work for Pennsylvanians with disabilities. Every Pennsylvanian should be able to live and work in freedom, dignity, and economic self-sufficiency. The vast majority of people with disabilities want to work and are capable of succeeding in competitive, integrated employment. This is why it is important for workplaces to value the skills of all employees, including those with disabilities. Veterans with disabilities who live in Pennsylvania have shown to be invaluable workers who have a positive impact on the bottom line of the businesses they work for.

The Employment First Act is a groundbreaking law in Pennsylvania that will put the focus on employment first for people with disabilities. It also will work to change how we approach people with disabilities in society and enable them to join the workforce. The Governor’s Cabinet for People with Disabilities will analyze current laws, rules and processes, and provide recommendations for modifications.


Yaren Ay

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