Nurse Appreciation

During the month of May, OneWell is celebrating National Nurses Month. We appreciate everything our nurses do for the wellbeing of our participants and commend them for their hard work. Cindy Billet and her son Cody receive services from OneWell. As a parent of a child who needs around-the-clock care, Cindy is extremely grateful for the nurses […]

COVID-19 Is Still Not Over for Those Who Are Most at Risk

As COVID-19’s deadly threat recedes, several institutions are loosening measures to prevent the virus from spreading. High-risk individuals, according to disability advocates, will suffer.  College students and staff with disabilities are concerned that they may be neglected in the rush to reduce COVID-19 mitigation factors, even though the virus continues to pose a serious threat […]

CDC: COVID-19 Vaccination for Children with Disabilities

COVID-19 Poses a Greater Risk  Several disabled children possess preexisting medical issues that pose a significant risk for severe illness from COVID-19, such as:  Lung, Heart, or Kidney Disease  Weakened Immune System  Cancer  Diabetes  Blood Diseases  Conditions of the Muscular/Central Nervous System  Likewise, children with developmental disabilities, such as cerebral palsy, autism, or intellectual disabilities […]

Paige Catizone IDD Spotlight

We love highlighting our team members here at OneWell. April’s IDD Employee Spotlight is Paige Catizone.  While spotlighting Paige, we spent time with Kristin Fleck, a Direct Support Professional that Paige oversees. Kristin and her son Gregory love to volunteer and spend time out in the community. Kristin enjoys working with her son and being a DSP allows for […]

OneWell Now Offering Respite Services in California

Lancaster, PA (April 27th, 2022) – Today, OneWell, a global provider of healthcare for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, announced that In-Home Respite Services are now live in California. The purpose of In-Home Respite is to provide intermittent and/or regularly scheduled supervision to afford the consumer’s primary caregiver(s) temporary relief in the responsibilities associated […]

‘Don’t Shove Us Off Like We’re Rubbish,’ Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities Said About Their Neighborhood

Civic involvement is once again on people’s minds as the federal election approaches. However, not everyone’s demands are met in the political arena – and one of the areas most in need of improvement in local government. Phillipa Carnemolla, an Associate Professor at The University of Technology Sydney states that they spent a year talking […]

Cindy Seemiller IDD Spotlight

For the month of March, OneWell is spotlighting our Senior IDD Director, Cindy Seemiller, who has been with OneWell since October 2020.  March is Women’s History Month. We sat with Cindy to discuss her role as Senior IDD Director and how she’s helping to expand our company into other states. Cindy also speaks on what she believes women’s history […]

Understanding the Disabilities Market

Individuals with impairments are frequently disregarded by industries. People who use wheelchairs, are hearing – an/or vision-impaired, face cognitive challenges, or have other disabilities that can benefit from today’s technological breakthroughs. Working-age adults with disabilities have more money to spend on non-essentials than the Black and Hispanic markets combined, with a reported discretionary income of […]