OneWell Now Offers Respite Services in California

OneWell Expands its Services to Include Respite Care in California

Lancaster, PA (April 27th, 2022) – Today, OneWell, a global provider of healthcare for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, announced that In-Home Respite Services are now live in California.

The purpose of In-Home Respite is to provide intermittent and/or regularly scheduled supervision to afford the consumer’s primary caregiver(s) temporary relief in the responsibilities associated with providing care for a consumer with a disability. Respite staff will ensure that daily routines are being followed and that self-help skills and activities of daily living are being attended to.

“I am very excited about our California expansion. OneWell is committed to successful health and wellness outcomes for our participants and communities in San Diego,” said CEO of OneWell, Aytekin Oldaç.

“It is so exciting to see how OneWell is expanding to make a real impact on individuals with developmental disabilities across the United States. It is truly rewarding to know we are able to reach so many people and make a difference in their lives,” said OneWell IDD Senior Director, Cynthia Seemiller.

“Respite gives you opportunities to take a short break and recharge while you take care of your loved ones. It allows you to serve more attention and love to your loved ones,” said OneWell IDD CA Regional Manager, Nevin Dursun.

OneWell’s goal is to enhance the lives of individuals by empowering them to become more independent both in their homes and within their communities.

About OneWell

OneWell is a healthcare company that brings support and direction to individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and their families. Their mission is to deliver better health and wellness outcomes for individuals and communities through innovation and quality care. The company was founded as the IDD Division of PAHM (PA Health Management) in 2020 with over twenty-five languages spoken by their staff. OneWell is headquartered in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. For more information, visit



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